The UWSU Elections are coming up, you’re all set to get clued in about the candidates and get involved in the student democratic process – Am I right?

Hell yeah, we are! I can’t wait to read up on all the manifestos and get to choosing who would be the best choice for VP on MY campus and the president of the union as a whole!

Loving the enthusiasm there, but hold on – there’s a few things you need to know first!

Awwh, but I want to vote nooooowww!

We understand, we really do, but lets get some bits and pieces out the way:

STEP ONE: Find out what you’re actually voting for.

SABBS - group

You are voting for your UWSU Sabbatical Officers – who are elected by you, for you, every academic year. These representatives are, or have been, your fellow University of Westminster students and will fight for your student rights and needs across all of our campuses.

There are four Vice Presidents, who oversee supporting students across all four of our campuses and then one overall UWSU President, who supports the work of the team, and helps to influence strategic direction at the SU, and lobbies the University for change.

All students will be able to vote for the President of the Students’ Union, you may vote for the VP’s of whichever campus you wish, so make sure you read up on ALL of the candidates manifestos.

STEP TWO: Read up on the candidate manifestos when they are live –


All candidates write up a manifesto to support their campaign – outlining all of the things they want to achieve if they were elected!

Before you vote, we strongly advise you to read up on all of the President’s manifestos and your campus’s VP candidates to find out not only what policies resonate with you, but ones that you feel would be realistic!

From the 18th of January, the candidate manifestos will be live on the website here – so make sure to read up on them!

STEP THREE: Keep up to date on Smoke Media to keep informed! 


Smoke Media

Throughout the campaign trail for the candidates, your Smoke Media teams will be working hard to make sure YOU know what’s going on. There’ll be a whole bunch of debates streamed by Smoke TV and Smoke Radio, and The QH newspaper and Smoke Magazine will be on hand to deliver the election news that matters to you, so make sure to keep up to date with all of them!

Details of the debates will be live soon! Watch this space.



Voting opens on the 25th on January, (which is only two weeks away!) and you will get an email subjected ‘UWSU Elections’ in your gmail, my.westminster inbox  with your own personal voting link – this will take you through to your own personal voting portal, which will lead you through the process of voting in the UWSU Elections!


If you experience any issues with your Voting experience, or have any questions about the UWSU elections in general,  contact the Deputy Returning Officer, Imran at

Now you’re ready to vote in the UWSU Elections! Make sure you’re ready on the 25th – #BeTheChange!

Gee, thanks UWSU! I couldn’t have done it with out you!

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