UWSU Elections

Voting Opens on Monday 20th until 2pm on Friday 24th

It’s Time To Vote

You will have automatically been sent a UNIQUE URL to your email, which contains the link to the ballot. You will need to fill in your date of birth before proceeding to vote. Remember, you can indicate your preference for each candidate by putting a number next to the candidate name. The number 1 indicates your first choice, the number 2 your second choice, and so on.

Triple check to ensure the email is not in your Spam, trash, or any other folder in your email host. If you are absolutely certain you cannot find the email, do not worry! Just click the link below and follow the instructions. Alternatively, speak to a member of staff at one of the voting stations during the course of the day.Click if you did not receive an email

How Does Voting Work?


If you have a question which is not answered here, please email dro@su.westminster.ac.uk

How do I vote?

On Monday 20 February you will be sent a unique URL to your email. Click on this link, fill in your birth date, and proceed to the voting instructions.

NB – Make sure you check your SPAM folders if you can’t seen an email.

Online vs booth voting

You can vote either in person at UWSU manned booths in each campus, OR you can vote online.

In both instances you will need to login to your email to access your unique URL.

Once you receive the email link, voting online is open 24/7 until voting closes at 2pm on Friday 24th. Booths, however, are only open from 12-5pm each day. 

The booths will have laptops, candidate info, and UWSU staff to help you through the process.

I did not receive an email

Make absolutely sure the email is not in your spam or junk mail.


Alternatively, please contact the DRO at:
Email dro@su.westminster.ac.uk
Include your name, date of birth, student ID, email, course

Can I vote for other campus candidates?

Yes, you can in every category.

Do I only vote for one person per category?

You either vote for only person, or you can rank your candidates in the order of your most to least favourite.

1= MOST favourite
2 = 2nd favourite
3= 3rd favourite


Is Ron Weasley really running?

RON is indeed indeed running. Unfortunately, it’s not Ron Weasley.

RON stands for Re-Open Nominations,

If you do not wish to vote for any candidates, you can put a number 1 next to RON (i.e. you do not like any of the candidates, and you would prefer for the nominations stage to be reopened). For a more detailed explanation, watch the video at the top of this page.

Can I change my vote or return to the ballot at a later stage?

You cannot change your vote once it has been submitted.

If you vote for one position (eg. president), but not for other positions (such as vice-presidents) you CAN return at a later stage to cast your vote for the positions you have not voted for.

Why Should You Vote?

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