Postgraduate Student Advisory Board Member 

Main responsibility
Advisory Board members are responsible for giving guidance and advice to the UWSU Postgraduate Advisory Board on the needs of postgraduate students at the university.

Key duties
To work in partnership with other members of the Advisory Board, the Student Executive and senior staff to ensure that UWSU has a clear approach to meeting the needs of postgraduate students.

1.    To recommend changes to union or university policy or work regarding postgraduate students.
2.    To interpret and understand key issues from any research carried out to support this work.
3.    To make recommendations to the Advisory Board in respect of new ideas or best practice to make sure UWSU meets the needs of all postgraduate students.
4.    To receive reports concerning ongoing work which may impact UWSU’s strategic goals and agree any subsequent action to be taken, in conjunction with sabbatical officers and the Postgraduate Engagement Coordinator.

Advisory Board Member Person Specification

1.    To demonstrate a commitment to the University of Westminster Students Union and its vision and values
2.    To demonstrate a willingness to devote the necessary time and effort to the role
3.    To have the ability to think strategically
4.    To have good, independent judgement
5.    To have the ability to think creatively
6.    To have the willingness to speak their mind
7.    Ability to work effectively as a member of a team

1.    Empathy and understanding of UWSUs objects and values and how they relate to postgraduate students.

Ability to identify opportunities for UWSU to develop the work being done around postgraduate students both at UWSU and across the university